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MMA fighter putting on a custom-fitted mouthgaurd

Injury Prevention

Research proves that wearing a protective mouthguard whilst playing a contact sport can prevent lengthy injuries which are expensive to treat. Such injuries include: chipped or broken teeth, internal damage to a tooth, tooth loss, lip and cheek injuries, and even concussion or a broken jaw.

Two soccer players colliding heads in an aerial challenge

Absorb the Shock

Heavy collisions and unexpected impacts to the face whilst playing sport can cause serious injuries. A properly fitted custom made mouthguard can absorb the shock caused by impact to the face and assist in the prevention of concussion and dental injuries.

Rugby player focused on the game

Focus on the Game

Our custom made protective mouthguards will comfortably fit your mouth without restricting your breathing or speech so you can focus on the game. Our mouthguards are durable, resilient and resistant to tearing.

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